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Announcing the release of A Fleeting Presence: Field Notes from a Crone.

In modern Western culture, there are few maps to guide us as we enter the last third of life. In the dominant culture, women especially receive subliminal messages that growing older is anathema, only a steady decline into invisibility. In our own historical past, and currently, in other places around the world, that perception would be considered erroneous, perhaps even comic.

Since turning 50, now fifteen years ago, I’ve been unwittingly schooled in the “curriculum of the crone” by what I’ve come to believe is a for-your-own-good kind of hard-love-cosmos. Falteringly, oft times unwillingly, sometimes even seen kicking and screaming down the path, I’ve pursued and been pursued by the Crone, the Wisewoman, the Hag, the Cailleach. She’s an archetype that has been maligned, distorted, and demonized. Along with many women around the world, I have thrown my shoulder to reclaiming her beauty, power, wisdom, compassion, and prudence.

My brand new book, A Fleeting Presence: Field Notes from a Crone, is about these experiences and explorations (creative non-fiction and memoir).  The book is one woman’s foray into the universal agenda of the crone archetype. It's a first-person dispatch from the tempestuous terrain of aging, loss, grief, death, change, absolution, landscape, ancestry, love, transformation, reciprocity, and renewal.

My hope is that by sharing my story, my journey through the realm of the crone, it will serve as a signpost for others, a cairn over the slick-rock. My hope is that telling my tale might ease another’s trek, inform their crone or wiseman initiation. Through the telling, hopefully, they will sense they aren't alone on the trail.

You can purchase a print copy or e-book version at Amazon or at IngramSpark. Just enter the title of the book on those sites. 

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