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Birth & Death

Our most significant thresholds as human beings remain birth and death. Reconnect with deeply true remembrance, storytelling, and kinship at these intense, liminal times.


Motherhood Blessings, new baby welcomes, Celebrations of Life, Scattering or Internment of Ashes, Pre-death Celebrations or Living Funerals, pet memorials and funerals.

Coming-of-Age & Elderhood

Coming of age ceremonies are lost initiations in most of Western Culture. Bring recognition back to the milestones of adolescence and elderhood with ceremonies that observe and honor the natural sequence of maturing humans—taking on different levels of responsibility and accountability, for both men and women.

Change & Loss

Change and loss are always a challenge, whether the change is perceived as positive or negative. Observing loss and change with a ceremony can increase acceptance and help with processing and growth.  


Divorce, loss of a pet, retirement, job changes, moving, ecological changes, graduations or completing areas of study, adoptions, gender transitions—all these transitional times can be acknowledged with ceremony.


Have you recently returned from military service, been on a spiritual retreat, returned from work in another country, been released from a term of incarceration, or been separated from family and friends and mainstream culture for another reason?


A ceremony of re-entry can mark a significant transition back into an original culture or situation. Celebrate your return, your success, or prepare for big changes ahead.

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