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Ancient. Primitive. Universal. 

Susan's handmade red deer rattles serve many purposes, from soul retrieval work to clearing and purification to protection, or just to keep rhythm.


Bespoke rim drums can be made from different hides and in different sizes. Susan's specialty is the the 15-hole drum, with a beautiful (and ergonomic!) five-spoked-star handle.

Ritual Garments

Special clothes and accouterments can help transport you to a sacred time and space. Simple and elegant, these ritual garments are made from luscious natural fabrics. Your pattern or mine! 

Feather Fans

Made small for travel. Send your smudging smoke to the heavens with the natural beauty of colorful bird feathers and beads.

Prayer Shawls

Large, colorful, hand-painted silk. Choose a ready-made design or order a custom design for yourself or a loved one.

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