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Natalie & Adam


Custom ceremony in Tucson, AZ

“Our wedding ceremony encompassed who we are and what we cherish about each other and life. Susan did a wonderful job taking the time to get to know us to incorporate these personal moments and put together a very unforgettable wedding ceremony. Our family and friends said they could feel love through Susan’s words.”

Christina & Bernd

Vow Renewal

Custom ceremony in Tucson, AZ

"Thank you so much for everything you did to make yesterday absolutely perfect!  The services were pitch perfect, and everyone commented on what a wonderful job you did.  Bernd wanted me to express his appreciation as well, and was sorry that he didn't get more time to speak with you.


We really appreciated all that you did, and couldn't imagine anything better."



Celebration of elderhood in Abiquiu, NM

“The process of preparing the ceremony with Susan produced wise knowledge that I will treasure and carry into this next stage of my life. The ceremony was beautiful and Susan's love and presence was both powerfully moving and very deep. The wisdom and beauty of the words she gathered for the ceremony was so precious and I feel joyous about being a baby crone!”

Kaitlyn & Miah


Private wedding ceremony and handfasting in Catalina State Park, AZ 

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing a wonderful job at our wedding. It was truly a beautiful ceremony and we are so happy with how it turned out!"

Jessica & Ryan


Large custom ceremony in Downtown Tucson, AZ

"Thank you so much for your work and words - the ceremony was so beautiful and it brought tears to both of our eyes multiple times."


Baby Blessing

Blessing Way ceremony to welcome newborn

"Susan, you bring a grounding and reverent presence to what some would consider ordinary, making life’s passages extraordinary.  I knew this when you performed the Blessing Way for Griffin.  What a powerful women’s gathering that was for me, and I hope for all involved!  I treasure the journal we all made and have kept it for Griffin. 

"You are an amazing leader and have found a way to extend your olive branch into the world as a guide for other people to find ways to pause, reflect and celebrate the abundance of experience life brings to us."



Neil is an artist in Cornwall, England

"A rattle is one thing; a bespoke rattle made with attention and devotion is another...using my rattle is like using a sparkler on bonfire night - I can scribe spaces and shapes in the air, not with fire but with sound. I use it to create zones of protection around me, to offer blessings to the cardinal points and the elements. It's an enlivening, energising action, unlike my singing bowl which serves to still the air around and inside me. My rattle makes me smile and cranks up the energy around me. It's also good for warning off bears.”



Chelsea is a writer for Emergence Magazine (USA)

"The rattle that Susan made for me carried the heart and spirit of the prairie grass that she so beautifully painted on it. During the twenty-four hours I spent alone in the wilderness in a foreign land, the rattle spoke its beautiful shaking language and every time it did, I heard the grass and I felt at home right where I was." 



Private drum-making workshop in Rimrock, AZ

"Thank you so much for coming all this way and teaching us to make a beautiful drum!"



Caroline is an illustrator (UK)

“My rattle gave me a sense of groundedness when I was feeling a bit spaced-out from lack of food. I shook the rattle and the sound plonked me straight back in my body, as though I was rattling my own self. It was a helper, an ally, against drifting-off, an also a palpable reminder of friendship and path.”


Memorial Service

Memorial Service & Internment in OH

"Susan officiated for my sister’s memorial service and interment. The service was the very thing that Dianne had wanted, nothing traditional, all very personal and meaningful to friends and family in attendance. It was very a thoughtful and touching memorial, at times sad, sometimes comical, just as my sister was in life. I was comforted by the natural aspects Susan brought to the gathering. Light from candles, scent and remembrance from the rosemary, wind and water from a sudden cleansing thunderstorm. Perhaps she didn’t summon it, but she would have, if we had requested it. Susan is just that accommodating.  Everyone present was able to embrace Dianne’s passing and lovingly say goodbye, due much in part to Susan’s sensitive and kind nature." 




Will is a poet, maskmaker, percussionist, storyteller, and educator (USA)

"I have known Susan Cross for many years and have worked with her on numerous workshop presentations for Western National Parks Association in her capacity as Special Events Coordinator there. Susan is an exceptionally effective workshop coordinator and presenter with a rare blend of people skills, business acumen and organizational discipline. Susan is also an accomplished visual artist and published author, and as such she brings a creative skill-set to any event that perfectly complements her administrative expertise. I have no doubt she will lead a highly successful and enjoyable workshop for your clientele, and I recommend her without reservation."

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