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Weddings & Unions

A wedding should bring the couple involved joy and deep satisfaction.  Your wedding is about you. Super simple, traditional, earth-based, same sex, or themed—we can do it!

Simple weddings - celebrate your special day with a small secular or spiritual ceremony.

Traditional - big venues, big parties, big families - a custom wedding doesn't have to be small!

Earth-based - love the outdoors? Celebrate that love as well on your big day.

Same-sex/civil union - any and all celebrations of love and devotion should be celebrated!

Themed - Jedi, Norse, Renaissance, Elven, Steampunk, and more - let your fun side show!

Vow Renewal

Are you still wildly in love after all these years? Has your love deepened into a maturity you want to tell the world about? It’s an amazing achievement to stay together these days.  Why not celebrate your tenacity and tenderness?

A vow renewal can be simple or elaborate, involve just you or your whole community. Children and important pets can also be involved if you want to celebrate all of the love around you!

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